Fables of The Feral Goddess

The Black Curse

Carried along by the weight of her loss; the crest of her storm seemed so shallow now; barely breaking on her shattered shores. The fires smoldered still in places throughout the manor; every so often, a fire quickly and silently went out only smoke to show where life had been or flames danced higher as […]

Ghost Coyote

She lay under the old Elm trying to ignore the red and grey squirrels; they were arguing again about her she was completely sure. Well arguing over who was going to break the ‘oh so important’ news to her – whatever squirrels deemed important news anyway. She wasn’t supposed to be this far away from […]

Demon Cave

In the five years since the princess defiantly left the castle many adventures in neighboring kingdoms befell her. There were fantastic parties, secret alleys, mysterious potions and dark magic’s from hidden realms.  The Dark One sent his assassins time and again with no success.  She seemed to slip through their fingers. Just as the young […]

Dragon’s Blood

There was not so much a battle of wills between both pair of black eyes as there was of an objective analysis – a sizing up of each face where these two powerful pairs of eyes resided. The first pair of eyes — black as night was very searching nothing stayed hidden from these dragon-like […]

The Tea Set

The exotic teapot from the land of the Samurai was the last gift from the nervous Warden and his now distraught wife; for they could not conceive how each of their gifts could be used to harm the King’s daughter. Never was it their wish to cause or bring harm; surely someone else was bewitching […]


She was home finally, well the King and Queen told her this was home but everything seemed so . . . well not normal.  They gave her a bedroom and playroom all her very own.  She was not sure if this new place was a good thing but one thing she knew for sure, it […]

Impossible Blue Sky

Impossibly blue that sky, magically blue.  Unlike other heroines in their own stories who didn’t believe, she believed, looking at that blue sky, she knew she believed all too well.  This was her very own story, her very own fairytale complete with castles and dungeons, curses and torture, dragons and saviors, kings and queens.  She […]