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The Black Curse

Carried along by the weight of her loss; the crest of her storm seemed so shallow now; barely breaking on her shattered shores. The fires smoldered still in places throughout the manor; every so often, a fire quickly and silently went out only smoke to show where life had been or flames danced higher as […]

Dragon’s Blood

There was not so much a battle of wills between both pair of black eyes as there was of an objective analysis – a sizing up of each face where these two powerful pairs of eyes resided. The first pair of eyes — black as night was very searching nothing stayed hidden from these dragon-like […]


Before we start on this enchanting tale set in earth’s 20th and 21st centuries I must relate the reason for the name of this epic story. Scarlett (my favorite spelling here so Irish)  is the bloodline that ties us to who we are, where we came from and where we are going.  All of life […]